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The Pixel 4Flag Safety Light System has been specifically designed to cater to your unique needs. This dynamic system is a perfect fit for a wide range of motorsports applications, seamlessly integrating into any environment and providing a considerable boost in safety and professionalism


Great for:

  • Kart Sprint Tracks

  • Kart Ovals Dirt/Asphalt

  • Kart Rental Facilities

  • Dirt Ovals

  • Asphalt Ovals

  • Motocross Tracks 

  • SuperMoto Tracks 

Track Systems North America is your partner in the journey of bolstering safety, minimizing risk, elevating professionalism, and cutting down overhead. At the heart of our race track safety solutions is the Pixel 4Flag Safety Light System, a comprehensive and efficient race track management solution designed specifically for your facility.

The 4Flag system offers:
• 4Flag LED track safety lights for superior visibility
• Streamlined Race Control Software
• Versatile remote-control options
• High-visibility CIK Start Lights
• Large LED Information Boards for clear communication

Our Pixel 4Flag products operate via RF signal, eliminating the need for Wi-Fi. To add to the convenience, all Pixel products are plug-and-play. Simply mount them, plug them in, and kick-start your enhanced safety and control system. Each product is designed for standalone use or in combination with other components to amplify your on-track management capabilities.

The core component of our system, the 4Flag LED Track Safety Lights, brings forth an unmatched combination of durability and luminosity. At just 200mm x 200mm in size and with a feather-light weight, these lights are designed for ease and flexibility. They display a range of signals - Yellow, Full Course Yellow, Green, Blue, Course Condition, Red, and White.

These lights are powered by RF signal and can be controlled either through the Race Control software or any of the Pixel remote-control options. With a simple press, they can display full course coverage, sectors, or individual corners. The system is flexible, allowing you to adjust the number and placement of lights based on your facility's unique requirements. Dedicated lights can also be used for specialized tasks like managing Pit Out releases.

While the 4Flag LED lights work seamlessly without the Pixel software package, leveraging the software enhances the control options, further elevating the safety standards at your facility.

Each 4Flag LED light runs on a 12v battery or a 120v to 12v inverter, ensuring longevity and uninterrupted operation. Additionally, by attaching a solar power charger to the 12v battery, you can further extend the operational time, virtually eliminating the need for recharging.

Choose the Pixel 4Flag Safety Light System for an upgraded, safer, and more professional race track management experience. At Track Systems North America, we bring you advanced safety systems for racing, designed to elevate your race track safety and efficiency.

4flag 512mm Graphic Board
4Flag Timer Board
4Flag Safety Light
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