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Integrating advanced safety systems for racing is now a seamless experience with the power-packed Race Control Software offered by Track Systems North America. This proficient system is crafted to take charge of all circuit lights, including digital flags, from start lights to pit lights. Our electronic safety flags system stands out as a key player if you're seeking a comprehensive race track safety solution.


With our software, you can perform all essential operations on the circuit with a single touchpoint. Embrace efficient race track management with our system, allowing a single operator to control all devices from the comfort of the race control room.

Race Control Software

Deepen your control and customization capabilities with the Pixel Race Control Software. This software is the ultimate tool to manage our Road Course or 4Flag system, making it an integral part of our professional track management tools. With the software, you can tweak settings, display multiple track maps, and control all lights in diverse ways. Additionally, the software allows the management of up to three Graphic Boards as well as the CIK Start Light. This truly is a game-changer in terms of racing circuit safety systems.


Whether you're looking for a standalone software solution or a preloaded touch screen PC, we've got you covered. Our software stands as a testament to Track Systems North America's commitment to offering affordable racing circuit management solutions without compromising on safety and efficiency. Trust in our innovative race track management systems to elevate your facility's safety and operational standards.

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